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Does it use a special cable?

Nope. Like any other microphone, you just need a standard 3-pin xlr cable.

Does it take a separate channel?

Yes. The LoFReQ is intended to work alongside your existing kick drum mic, in a separate channel, thereby allowing more flexibility with EQ, compression and processing in general. By having two separate channels you have the best chance at molding the signals through separate eq, compression etc.

is it phantom powered?

No. The SOLOMON LoFReQ is a dynamic microphone that does not require phantom power.

how do I set the gain stage?

The LoFReQ is designed with an inline pad to match most dynamic kick drum mics as far as output at your mic pre. A good starting point would be to set your primary kick mic, then set the LoFReQ gain the same, and adjust from there. How much you will need to adjust will depend on placement, source SPL, etc.

Where should i start rolling off the highs when micing a kick drum?

If you’re micing a kick drum, try rolling off around 150hz and up. Everybody’s taste is different, but that’s not a bad starting point.

why not just a different mic for more low end response?

Flexibility and control. Having a dedicated low frequency mic on it’s own channel allows for separate eq, compression, etc.

can I use it by itself?

Yes, though that situation arises fairly rarely. Generally, the LoFReQ is implemented as a way to supplement the lower range of frequencies that smaller diaphragm mics have a tough time gathering.

can you only use mic stands?

Any mic attachment with a standard 5/8 thread can be used to place the LoFReQ. We’ve seen full size boom stands, desktop stands, drum rim-attachments, and isolation mounts being used. At half the weight of competitors’ low-frequency mics, there are a lot of placement options.

isn’t it too heavy for a normal mic stand?

Nope. The LoFReQ weighs in at approx. 4 lbs. We’ve seen it used with desktop stand (as shown at right), standard full size boom stands, even drum rim clips for mic attachment . We've found that a 45 degree angling of a desktop boom (again shown at right) allows for secure placement. If a stand must be articulated where the weight of the LoFReQ could possibly tip it over, we suggest adding a small weight at the base of the stand.

can you mount inside a bass drum?

Yes! In fact, some of our endorsees have had a LoFReQ on the road for several months now, and they use it permanently mounted on a Kelly Shu isolation mount.

how does it work in quieter settings?

The LoFReQ is designed as a high SPL microphone, so quiet sources may be a little tough. That being said, if you can use a dynamic bass drum microphone on the source, you should be able to get enough manageable signal from your SOLOMON LoFReQ.


Sure. The interwebs are riddled with recipes on how to make a “subkick”. If you have the time and the money, you can certainly put something together that will get you a signal. Why buy the SOLOMON LoFReQ? We’ve done all the research, tested through all the options and tried all the combinations to get you the most bang for your buck, while taking care of all the guesswork for you. Plus, ours looks like a Batman accessory.

Do you do custom orders?

We have done a limited amount of custom orders; send us an email and tell us what you’re looking for. Custom pricing and lead times will apply if we can accommodate the request.

will it make me a better drummer/engineer, and get me a girlfriend?

Yes and yes. And you should believe everything you are reading here.

are radiation levels emitted by the LoFreq within acceptable NATO standards?

Yes. SOLOMON MiCS are in no way radioactive. That being said, it would be pretty cool to have a “radioactive material” sitcker on the side of each box.

Does the LoFReQ attach to Batman’s utility belt?

It does (assuming there’s a standard 5/8 thread mic attachment on there, which seems like a logical assumption). Also, the black carbon-fiber look of the LoFReQ would match the grappling hook.

what should i do with the gun and the cannolis?

Leave the gun, take the cannollis.



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